Bug Fix

  • Implemented Cookies and Crumbs to fix get_quoteSummary() and all functions depending on it (#14)

Bug Fix

  • get_prices now returns dictionaries containing price vectors of type Array{Float64} rather than Array{ Union{Nothing,Float64}} (#7)


  • get_prices now runs faster than before.

New Functionality

  • get_symbols allows the user to search for yahoo finance symbols from (partial) company/security names
  • get_all_symbols exposes all tickers from the NASDAQ, AMEX, and NYSE exchanges (#8)
  • search_news now allows for news searches


  • Added documentation for the new functionality
  • Added a clarification statement in the Readme.md and Docs that YFinance uses API endpoints to access data and does not suffer from decryption issues (#6)

Bug Fix

  • get_prices would error when autoadjust=true for some tickers when Yahoo returns nothing for some observations in the price time series. The update now does not error in this cases and returns NaN for the missing datapoints. NaN is used instead of Missing because of performance improvements and the ability to integrate YFinance.jl with TimeSeries.jl. (#5)
    • Thank you RaSi96 for reporting this bug and helping me sort it out!


  • Improved documentation for get_prices (#5)
    • When the range keyword is used instead of startdt and enddt the specified interval is not observed by Yahoo at longer ranges. To enforce the specified interval use startdt and enddt instead.
    • Data points that yahoo returns as nothing are returned as NaN. It seems like Yahoo thinks it should have price information for these timestamps but does not have them and thus returns nothing.


  • Added a test case for the stock "ADANIENT.NS". The time series of the stock prices contains the nothing values mentioned in the Bug Fix. (#5)


  • Return OrderedDict from OrderedCollections.jl instead of Dict
    • Should be non breaking as all functions that work for Base.Dict also work for OrderedCollections.OrderedDict
  • Allow the setting of HTTP proxies (through HTTP.jl). Also allows for secured HTTP proxies with a username and password
    • Default is no proxy so change is non breaking


  • get_Fundamentals() does now return a timestamp


  • Added Documentation for the proxy settings
  • Added an Example Section:
    • Some quick code to convert Price data to a DataFrame, TimeSeries.TimeArray, TSFrames.TSFrame
    • Gave some examples of plotting some data exposed by YFinance.jl with PlotlyJS.jl
  • Added this version change log

New Dependencies

  • Base64
    • Needed for http proxy authentication
  • OrderedCollections.jl
    • Provides Ordered Dictionaries. Eases workflow with data because column order is not arbitrary and changing between calls.